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Take Control

Orders and inventory back in your hands.

We created a point of sale and a commission-free ordering system that you can use to sell online, on social media, and in-store.

One point for all your sales

Making a sale is no easy task. It's even more difficult when you have to take care of customers in the store, on WhatsApp, and Instagram all at the same time.

Inventory Synced Across All Channels

Say goodbye to "Hey, does anyone know if the customer from Instagram came to pick up their order?"

New Ways to Engage Customers

Your new motto will be "If the customer won't come to the store, then I will come to the customer".

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Sell More

Supercharge your sales.

Give your customers the convenience of ordering from any device with an internet connection. Get all the tools to process in-store and online orders for delivery with 's online ordering system

Worry Less

Monitor and keep track of everything.

Monitor your sales reports to understand the past, present, and future of your business. You've got questions. We've simplified the answers.

Business Performance


Amy Wright

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New Order

Tara Wilson

10 products - $3480

Products Created
5 Million
+8% this year
Customers created
2 Million
+19% this year
Transactions generated
12 Million
+19% this year
Online catalog visits
8 Million
-15% this year

15.2K business owners trust .

Whatever your business segment, is the tool you need to increase your sales and retain more customers.


Managing inventory was a nightmare!

Maroline had trouble with managing their inventory. We made sure all her sales data was in one place.

What's different about ?

helps you modernize your business by uniting your face-to-face and online operations. It works in sync across all your devices, so you can stay connected no matter where you are.


Simple Setup

You don’t need to be a computer expert or know how to set up code. We do all this for you. The only thing you need to do is upload your store information and your product data. In less than 5 minutes, you’re all set.


Commission free

You pay no commission for in-person or online sales. For online payments, there is only the card transaction processing fee. Customers order directly through your catalog, so you can increase loyalty.


Flexible payment options for customers

You can give customers the ability to pay with their preferred payment method, whether that's cash, card, link or bank transfer. You can also give customers the choice to shop with you now and pay later in-store or accept partial payments and delay the rest.


I'm always anxious about managing instagram and whatsapp bookings.

Victoria always felt anxiety when managing social media appointments. We made sure he feels relaxed and cool.

Manage your entire business from your phone, tablet, or computer

is a complete point of sale app for Android and iOS devices. This means you can use it to manage your inventory, create receipts, manage orders and sales, build an online product catalog and make the routine of your small business more efficient with features carefully designed by and for entrepreneurs like you.

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